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IXE Agro Investment

Serignac Limited are one of a small number of distribution points for this rather unique investment offering from a leading Swiss Regulated Asset Manager. The following are the key points relating to this investment and considerably more information in the way of due diligence is available on request. We have been almost two years carrying out due diligence on this investment.

IXE’s core business is the buying and selling of real physical commodities, mainly agricultural produce, on a constant and regular basis outside of organised commodity exchanges.

IXE engage exclusively in non speculative buying/selling with end producers through pre-existing orders where |Letters of Credit and Contracts are already in place.

Many thousands of orders are undertaken at any one time with the average order value being $25,000 thereby mitigating the risk factor of non payment. It should also be noted that IXE will not deal with an end user unless they are AAA rated or the US equivalent.

Key Points

Investment ranges from £25,000 for the Bond and from 1 million US Dollars, GB Sterling or Euros for direct investment into the Asset Manager.

The Bond pays a gross profit share of 7.65% per annum paid net of basic rate tax quarterly in arrears. The investment has a term of 5 years but after the initial 12 months penalty free withdrawals are allowed.

The Asset Management Investment pays 9% per annum, 6 monthly in arrears. Again this is a profit share and will be taxed according to an individual’s current tax regime. After an initial 12 month commitment period withdrawals, in part or full, are allowed without penalty subject to 90 days notice.

IXE’s bankers are covered under the various Swiss compensation schemes for 100% of the investment should the bank fail, unlike the £85.000 afforded to UK Banks.

Both investments are backed by $5 billion of unencumbered assets in the form of land, the majority of which is in South America.

More information is available upon request.